Kayz on Oct 14, 2018 at 18:14
The Qualifiers have started!

Since we have 43 Applicants, 11 qualifying bo5 games are necessary to proceed with the main event.

The following players have to battle:

ArtecTheFox vs. nOox
kilobyte vs. VoK
KnightTemplar vs. hemorrhage
MegaAdnan vs. KingKong
PavelBistrov 3-2 NouS
poskok vs. Aladdin
SiD vs. Senator
Stoner vs. DarKxXxLorD
pavlepavle 3-0 spyvsspyfan123
WeeM4n vs. Kano
WhiteRqbbit vs. Piki1802

Please upload your replays here. Good luck!