Zemke on Dec 20, 2016 at 23:58
Crespo’s Worms Tournament 2016 is over and we want to say thank you

We want to thank the donors Khamski, MrTPenguin, Mablak, WorldMaster, Bytor, NickyNick, WhiteRqbbit, DarkOne and novasixesports who earned Chuvash, Mablak and Tita $150.96 for their cups and a cash prize for the CWT 2016 champ Chuvash.

Since we’re still impacted by Sunday’s epic finale, we want to thank Chuvash and Mablak for their battle which will probably never be forgotten.
Talking about the finale, we want to thank all the live stream hosts—Khamski, Kayz, MrTPenguin, TheWalrus—and also all the commentators which—you’ll forgive me—I’m too lazy to name right now … except for CyberShadow and Deadcode maybe. I guess we can speak for everyone that it was a real pleasure to have had you commenting the finale.

Last but not least, thank you to all participants! We want to give back and already have something in the oven to improve next year’s tournament! It’s just a very special feeling that even after the 15th CWT, we’re still so excited for new ideas. Live streams alone have maybe been a breakthrough only like two, three or four years ago and we’ve not yet finished the journey of improving that experience. I’m sure we can raise the bar even higher—not just with live streams but also in many other aspects that are adding up to just a nice time we have at the end of each year.

Also, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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